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monday, june 5, 2006 

i've managed to host my old newbold records and get them up and working again, so enjoy!


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sunday, june 4, 2006 

i've decided to move my site to a new home. my old hosting company was just too expensive and did not appear to be in any hurry to migrate to .net 2.0. the site is now hosted at crystaltech for a fraction of the price and with .net 2.0. unfortunately this did mean losing some of the old php components until such a time as i get around to migrating them to .net.


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sunday, september 26, 2004 

i've added a basic surname index to the site which can be accessed via the surname index button on each family page. i'm not happy with the format yet, but i thought i would put it up while i experiment some more with the format of it.



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sunday, september 19, 2004

i've updated the site generation software so that it now generates tree views. these show up to 4 generations of ancestors for the selected individual.
the tree for an indidividual is accessed by clicking on the tree icon which is visible on the family pages within the site next to each individuals parents. clicking on the  icon next to an individual in the tree will pull up the family page for which that individual is a parent.
clicking on the will reposition the tree with the primary individual being the primary child of the current primary individual. if the current primary individual does not have a child then the arrow will not be shown. clicking on the name of an individual in the tree will move that person to the primary position on the tree.
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monday, september 13, 2004

i've uploaded the new version of the site, which can be accessed via the new link to the left, or by clicking here. this new version is automatically generated by the ged publishing software that i have been writing for the last few months. this will make it much easier to keep the site up to date. it also means that for the whole of our research can be published, including not only direct descendants but siblings and their families too.

i still have a lot of improvements to make yet, but hopefully this new format will be much easier to use. a taste of things to come...

  • tree navigation, showing the ancestors of the person and allowing navigation straight to those ancestors.
  • surname index.
  • allow viewers to post comments, corrections etc. against individual pages.
  • a search engine to allow searching for individuals in the tree.

any other suggestions are welcome.


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monday, august 16, 2004 

we had some successes today on searching the immigration records. i managed to find a couple of possible records for james dungey.

i also discoverd the immigration record in 1889 for gustave beck,

this shows that he entered the county with his 62 year old father mathäus beck, a shoemaker. this lead allowed christine to make some discoveries on the familysearch web site regarding mathäus beck and his wife katharina mitschele.


gary & christine

posted @ 10:01 pm 

well, guess why we couldn’t find william dungey, or any dungey, searching in the census before? no one can spell it who transcribed the census! i did a search for james dungey and came up with 2 names, and neither of them were our man. so i did a search for william dungey and it came back with 6,000+ names! i thought to myself oh great and settled in for a long haul, but when i got to the 4th or 5th page, a name jumped out at me. from vernon, oneida county, new york, aged 5 listed as……..william dngay! i went to the image and it’s him! james is head of the household, elizabeth his wife, also harriet aged 6, james aged 4, and elizabeth aged 1. by the way, the handwriting on the census clearly says dungey. gary says that a lot of the transcribing of the censuses, at least english ones, were outsourced to india of all places! so, we finally found our family! woot!


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sunday, august 15, 2004 

hi and welcome to the newbold family blog. bear with me, this is proving somewhat difficult to set up on my web host.

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